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Pixall BH100
Operator's &
(Serial #. PPI-419388+)


Byron 103
Sweet Corn Harvester

Pixall DB18
Operator's & Parts
(Serial #. CDP18-629096+)

Wheelpuller Machine (Pioneer)

Pixall Vibratory Sorting Table
Operator's & Parts
(Serial#. 705870/705880)

Pixall Vibratory Sorting Table 
Operator's & Parts
(Serial#. VST-519531+)

Pixall Repair Parts List
Trac-PIX EFF.1993

Pixall One Row Pull Pix
Swinging Elevator EFF.1991

Pixall Repair Parts List
One Row Trac Pix

Pixall Operator Manual 
One Row Trac Pix EFF.1990

Byron Dump Chief 1500
Parts and Operator 
September 1996

Pixall Even Feeder 2012/2013
Operator's & Parts
(Serial#. 715870/715880)

Byron Dump Chief
Operator's & Parts

OXBO DB18 Harvester
Year 2007- 150821-4001

Corn Puller Manual 2014/2015
(Serial#. 255890-255900)

OXBO CP100 Corn Puller
Operator's & Parts 2005
(Serial#. 4919193+)

Byron 105 Bean Harvester
Operator's & Parts
(Serial# 190001+)

Byron Sweet Corn Harvester
Model 103 Serial#. 567001+
Operator's & Parts


Pixall Corn Puller100 One-row
Operators and parts
(Serial# TPCP-81900+) 

Pixall BH100 Bean Puller
Operator Manual 2021

OXBO Corn head
3000 Series 
Parts Catalog

Pixall One-Row pull-pix
Repair parts list
EFF 1993


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